Why pick David R Murphy to be your wedding photographer?

David just loves to provide couples with photos that will be treasured for generations to come. He is a full time professional photographer and has a varied and diverse talent as you will have seen on the other pages on the website. These have been gleaned from over 30 years of working on different types of photography. Because of this, he is able to bring you something unique and a wee bit special!

 Some photographers who are solely dedicated wedding photographers, have a set pattern by which they work. This is no bad thing it ensures safe results and it is good to have a format to follow. It's when that format takes over and the poses and photos all look exactly the same, no matter who the happy couple are. David works to a pattern too but also brings into play some of the disciplines from his wide range of talents. He will make sure he takes the photos that represent 'your wedding'. His tag line is 'It's your wedding, your way!' David is not just in it for the money, if he were to win the Euro millions tomorrow he would still come and photograph your wedding and wave the charges.* In fact he would love to be able to photograph every clients wedding for free, but sadly he has to charge or he would go broke.

* this will be written in to your contract should you decide to use David!

Very often wedding photographers use a second photographer, David very rarely employs a second but will if you insist. By not using a second, David can keep the price at a reasonable level. The cost of a second used be worth while but very rarely is these days. With every guest clicking away with some form of photographic device, either cameras, phones, Ipads or tablets a second photographer is superfluous. Even with a second and all this going on, moments can and do get missed. The benefit of hiring David, he has worked and still does work on many live music and entertainment events. He has developed a talent for spotting those moments before they happen and capturing them for posterity.

David doesn’t like to just turn up on the day and hope for the best, he likes to visit every venue, whether he has been there before or not and research it for the best vantage points. He also likes to have a consultation session with you to checkout your requests, requirements and ideas. All this is included in the price, be it a package deal or not. David also likes to come along and sit in on the rehearsal at Church Weddings, this helps him getting an idea of how the service will run (each one can run slightly differently). Find out who the important people are, after the Bride and Groom of course, and they can get to meet him, which helps put them at their ease. This all helps for a smooth running stress free day and enables David get the photos you want with the least encroachment into your valuable time

Some people will decide that they want to forgo the cost of a photographer because they have a member of the family or know someone who's into photography and has a really good camera. This seems like a great idea at the time, and a way to save money on an expensive day. The number of people that do this and then regret it later, is very very high. “Oh I wish we had used a proper photographer instead of Uncle Bob, he did his best mind and some were O.K. but we realise now we would have been better off paying someone” is one of the most common type of comments David gets when people find out he is a photographer. If you feel you still want to go down that route then here are a few tips David Suggests:

  1. Check out their portfolio! (if they have one) Make sure the style is what you want!

  2. Make sure they have more than one camera! (you don't want a jammed or broken camera to spoil the day)

  3. Don't make them feel obliged to do it because you asked them! (You don't want a half-hearted effort)

  4. How close are you to them? (Do you want them to enjoy the wedding as much as you?)

  5. Ask them if they have ever photographed a wedding before?
  6. Ask how you will get the photos.

Also it pays to remember that if you own a great car it doesn’t necessarily follow that you are a great driver.

One final tip; If you have decided to go with David then please get in-touch as soon as you can to book the date, as he can only do one wedding at a time! If you have come to the conclusion that David is not the photographer for you, then please, please, use a experienced photographer. Even if they just stick to the fixed format style it will avoid any regrets or upset!

With all that said if you are getting married in the near future,

David would like to wish you all the best for your big day

and that all goes well without hiccup or delay,

relax and enjoy it!

Phone: 01608 819221 Mobile: 07765646300

or contact via the link below

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Based in Charlbury Oxfordshire England on the edge of the Cotswolds.

When originally set up this website was a way for my friends to view the photos taken at events primarily in North West Oxfordshire. The name Drumstudio is derived from my initials D.R.M. and photography studio, the u was just added to make it sound more musical as most of the photos featured local bands. Since then times have changed and so has the website, as time has gone on the photos have  become much more diverse. Having gone full time  in 2013, it is now host to a wide range of images; flora and fauna, landscapes, architecture, events and weddings.

Drumstudio services are available to all. Interested? Then go to the photographic services page for costs.