Old Print                 Repair & Digitization

The price of this service is totally dependant on the damage to the photo. It works out at £15.00 an hour, the minimum charge is £5.00 per print for digitization and slight enhancement only. The average photo repair after digitization* can take about three hours, making the average cost of this service roughly £15.00-£20.00 an image. Most other providers of the service charge a minimum of £25.00 no matter the condition of the photo. This service is also avialable for transparencies (slides) negatives (colour and black & white). For more info and a quote please go to the contact page or give us a ring.

*the original print is untouched in the process and is returned to you unharmed.

Here are some examples of before and after, with how much I charged for the work done so you can get rough idea of how much it would cost to have your beloved prints freshened up.

This print just needed sherpening and brightening up, the charge was £5.00

This print just needed a little more work removing foxing and scratch marks as well as sherpening and brightening up, the charge on this one was £15.00

This print was in a very poor state and need a lot of T.L.C. as you can see it needed a lot of work.

All the creases had to be removed scratches and foxing repaired and even replacing lost pieces of the image. I could not replace the bottom right-hand corner as the was no indication as to what was originally there, the charge was £45.00. It has to be remembered that some providers of this kind of service would say that because of the missing portions, this photo was to far gone for them to repair.

N.B.The price quoted does not include the cost of memory stick or postal charges.